Whether you're seeking transfer into the AZ Presbytery, a candidate coming Under Care, or a newly ordained Ruling Elder in one of our member churches, we welcome you.

Assimilating into a new fellowship of elders and churches is not always the easiest process and we hope the following general information makes it easier for you to fully participate in God's Mission with us.

Next Steps...

1. Make every effort to join our stated and called gatherings. We are a connectional fellowship and the vision and mission of our Presbytery only functions as we live out our convictions to worship God together, pursue meaningful fellowship with one another, and partner to fulfill the great commission. We encourage all Teaching Elders and their churches (represented through the presence of Ruling Elders) to prioritize the distinct work and fellowship of Presbytery.

2. Become familiar with our Standing Rules. Our SRs not only describe the rules of procedure, they describe the culture of our fellowship. 

"The gospel compels us not to hide our weaknesses, but to allow ourselves to be served by others. We desire our gathering to be a Spirit-filled meeting in which the gospel is central to all we do." - (from our Standing Rules)

3. Get to know our Standing Teams (also known as committees), their purpose to our overall vision and responsibilities, and consider serving on one of them.

  • Administrative Team (Commission): This commission is responsible for all administrative matters, including: planning for presbytery, recording and maintaining minutes, processing calls, and more. Members of this team might excel in areas of organization, helps, and casting/implementing overall vision.
  • Ordination Team: This team is responsible for dealing with all issues relevant to the training and examining of candidates, licentiates, and ministers. Members of this team have a passion for preparing and presenting healthy candidates to Presbytery, supporting candidates in the process of pursuing their call, and may excel in improving on systems and procedures for ordination.
  • Shepherding Team: This team is responsible for the pastoral care of the local churches and their pastors. This includes proactive awareness of the spiritual health of our members. Members of this team have a unique heart to shepherd and come alongside the vulnerable or hurting. They exercise accountability, care, encouragement, and support--they are quick to show mercy and slow to anger.
  • Mission Team: This team prepares, implements, and oversees Presbytery's work to make Christ known both within and outside our bounds. This team is heavily invested in the planning and training of new church plants, Reformed University Fellowships, and is eager to help our member churchers become more effective in the work of God's mission. Ideal members have a passion for church planting/Missions, an awareness of potential obstacles to advancing God's Kingdom, and a heart to see healthy churches/ministers thrive in our Presbytery. 
  • Reformed University Fellowship Team: This team is responsible for starting new RUF chatpers and overseeing the ministry of current RUF chapters and their ministers. Members of this team may have a passion for the gospel to advance in our universities and colleges in our presbytery, as well as a passion to encourage the support of our RUF chapters.

4) Begin to pursue bonds of friendship and accountability within Presbytery. This may go without saying, but we need to pursue intentional relationships with one another--outside of our regular meetings. Consider informal, yet intentional, bonds with a few or many brothers with whom you can share your prayer requests, struggles, and joys of ministry.

I welcome you to enjoy what God is doing through the AZ Presbytery and our churches. We are entrusted with the integrity of our ministers and the health of our churches. May God be glorified as we make much of Jesus, our Redeemer and Lord. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if there is any other way I can help make your time in the AZ Presbytery more faithful & fruitful.