Our Vision

The Arizona Presbytery is a regional church of the Presbyterian Church in America functioning under the constitution of the PCA. By conviction, we are a connectional fellowship of elders and churches, covenanted together in the gospel. We worship God together, provide pastoral care, accountability, fellowship to our members and churches, and partner to fulfill the great commission. As a court of the church, we are entrusted with the protection of our distinctive confessional standards, the integrity of our ministers, and the health of our churches.

How we implement our vision

Through Worship

We are a worshipping body that gathers to honor Christ. When we come together we seek the Lord in prayer, commune with Christ, build each other up by his Word and sacraments, and strengthen one another to engage in the work of His Kingdom with greater zeal.

Through care for our ministers and churches

We make every effort to train, examine, and process ministry calls for candidates, licentiates, and ministers--in matters of faith and life as well as in doctrine. We strive to behave with a proactive awareness of the spiritual health of our local churches, our ministers, and their families. 

Through Mission

We commit to making Christ known both within and outside our bounds. We set priorities and allocate resources to maximize our effectiveness in areas of: church planting, Reformed University Fellowship, Mission work, and other mission activities.